Registration and Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is open from March 1, 2021 to May 15, 2021.

All abstracts must be submitted in English.

Abstracts must be submitted through the congress online submission system to one of the congress mini-symposia (for a list of mini-symposia, click here), in text format, with a maximum of 2.500 characters. To enter the submission system, authors must first register (click here).

Upon submission, the corresponding author will be notified by email. All abstracts will be evaluated by the coordinators of the selected mini-symposium, and the acceptance/refusal status will be issued on due course, through the corresponding author´s email (the deadline for status notification is May 20, 2021).

Notice: CILAMCE-PANACME-2021 follows a one-registration, one-presentation policy. This means that the presenting author of a paper must necessarily pay his registration fee. Also, if a participant is the presenting author of more than one paper, he/she must pay one additional registration fee for every extra paper he/she will present. There is no "Additional paper Fee" in CILAMCE-PANACM-2021. The presenting author of a paper must pay as many fees as the number of papers he/she will present.


To submit your abstract, please click here.