Registration and Abstract Submission

Instructions for Authors

CILAMCE-PANACM 2021 will be held in ON-LINE mode. Presentations within the mini-symposia will take place through pre-recorded videos, with a maximum duration of 10 minutes each. Authors are requested to send their videos through our video upload system (see link below) by no later than October 28, 2021. The access data to enter the system is the author´s registered email and password (same email and password that is used for the Restricted Area on the congress website).

 SEND YOUR VIDEO: Deadline November 5th

 Below are instructions and suggestions for recording your video:

  • Files must be in MP4 format - size / resolution 1920 x 1080px - 16: 9 aspect ratio.
  • The maximum length of your video is 10 minutes.
  • All slides and the presentation must be in English.
  • Please consider using as background in your video the wallpaper available at our site:
  • The videos will be available for viewing by participants throughout the mini- symposium session in which they were scheduled for presentation.
  • At the end of each session, all authors and coordinators of the mini-symposium must be connected live in the virtual room of the respective mini-symposium, for questions and discussions with other participants.
  • The presence of at least one author during the questions is mandatory to guarantee the publication of the work in the proceedings of the congress and the issuance of the digital certificate of presentation.
  • The congress organization will inform the date and time of the session when your video will be presented as soon as the final program of the congress is finished.
  • The video must be recorded from a notebook or desktop with a good webcam. We do not recommend recording from a cell phone, due to the need to include presentation slides.
  • Choose a location where you feel comfortable and at ease for recording.
  • Give preference to environments with matte or neutral colors, making the ambient light absorbed and not reflected.
  • Do not leave the camera below eye level to avoid distortion of your image.
  • Observe if in the frame of your video there are objects that can attract more attention than you, or surfaces that can reflect light, such as pictures, mirrors, etc.
  • Check if there is a logo in your frame that may conflict with the sponsors of the event.
  • As far as possible, look for an environment isolated from noise or that can be closed to isolate external noise as much as street movements, airplanes, children, animals, etc. Avoid echoed environments.
  • Position yourself in front of where light is entering, taking care not to leave shadows. Do not record against the light: the camera must be turned away from the light.
  • Use clothing that contrasts with your background: dark background, light clothes and light background, dark clothes. Avoid stripes, white and floral clothing.