All interested participants to CILAMCE-2020 must first register (i.e. create an account) into the congress online system by filling in the registration form.

Instructions for payment of the registration fee

Once you have registered into the congress online system, please access your restricted area and choose one of the payment options below. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Registration fees should be paid through one of the following options:
- PagSeguro (with either bank ticket/invoice or credit card)
- Paypal (with credit card only)
- Bank deposit
- Nota de empenho

Registration fees and deadlines - Prices Expressed in BRL (*)

Category Early Registration
Until October 10, 2020
Later Registration
After October 10, 2020
Undergraduate Students (Presenting Authors)
BRL 200,00
BRL 300,00
Graduate Students (Presenting Authors)
BRL 450,00
BRL 675,00
Delegate (Presenting Authors)
BRL 700,00
BRL 975,00
Participants without paper presentation (NEW!)
BRL 100,00
BRL 150,00
(*) For payments made outside of Brazil, the daily official exchange rate will be applied.

Transmission Access

The transmission of the congress will take place within its restricted area, through the login and password created at the time of registration and will follow the times of the scientific program.

Participants without paper presentation

This category does not allow the submission of abstracts and full-papers. Just access to the congress online to watch and ask questions.


When completing your registration at the website, please do so with great attention, as the participant is responsible for the data provided and it is from these data that the digital certificate will be issued. Errors in the material are the responsibility of the participant.

Proof of enrollment for graduate and undergraduate students

For registration in either graduate or undergraduate student categories, the interested party must submit a supporting document that proves his/her current student status (proof of enrollment or declaration of the educational institution). The document must be sent by email to along with the proof of payment of the registration fee. After analysis by the congress´ secretariat, the registration process will be finalized and the participant duly informed. Please pay special attention to the deadlines of the registration fees and apply at least one day in advance, since validation of the documents demands at least one working day.

Refund Policy

As per previous editions of CILAMCE, there is no refund policy.

Registration Form

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