Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will be open on March 2, 2020, and will be available until July 01, 2020.
All abstracts must be submitted through our online submission system to one of the congress mini-symposia, in text format, with a limit of 2.500 characters. For a list and detailed description of all mini-symposia, please click here.
All abstracts must be submitted in English. Submissions in Portuguese, Spanish or Italian may be accepted only for the full-length paper – although we strongly encourage authors to submit their full papers also in English (see details further below). This is an effort to make English as the main conference language as much as possible.
Authors will receive an email notification immediately after submission. All abstracts will be evaluated by the organizers of the selected mini-symposium, and the acceptance/refusal status will be issued on due course, through the authors´ email (the deadline for status notification is July 15, 2020).

Notice: CILAMCE-2020 follows a one-registration, one-presentation policy. This means that the presenting author of a paper must necessarily pay his registration fee. Also, if a participant is the presenting author of more than one paper, he/she must pay one additional registration fee for every extra paper he/she will present. There is no "Additional paper Fee" in CILAMCE-2020. This means that the presenting author of a paper must pay as many fees as the number of papers he/she will present.


To submit your abstract, please click here.




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